Did you know about campursari? What is campursari? Okey, let me explain you about campursari. Campursari is one of the music in Indonesia.Campursari is formed by combination of the modern music instruments and the traditional music instruments.

Campursari was popularized first time by Manthous about in 1980. He was combined between keyboard and the gamelan music in his music group called Maju Lancar.

The Figure of Campursari

A. Didi Kempot
Didi Prasetyo, more famous with his nickname Didi Kempot is the figure of campursari after Manthous. He was born in Solo, Center Java, 31 December 1966. He finished his school in senior high school. And then, he was be a road singers. In this situation, he made songs likely Stasion Balapan, Tanjung Mas Ninggal Janji, Cidra, Terminal Tirtonadi etc. Didi Kempot is not only famous in Indonesia, people in some country like Netherland and Suriname like his songs. He is a good figure of campursari I think.

B. Manthous
Manthous was born in Playen village, Gunung Kidul in 1950. He went to Jakarta in 16 years old. His goal is find a lot of money by singing in the road. In 1969, he was joined to the Keroncong Orchestra called Bintang Jakarta.
Manthous's Song:
1. Nyidam Sari
2. Anting-Anting
3. Gethuk
4. Ojo Digondeli

Actually, many figure of campursari in Indonesia. They are Waldjinah, Sony Josh, Novita Anggraeni, Dhalang Poer etc. I think enough about campursari. I hope you will be happy to listening campursari. Thank you very much.
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