Thursday, February 9, 2012

Abdi Dalem

Abdi dalem are people who voluntarily subjugate their services to the Kraton (palace) and Sultan and his extended family. They prepare almost all of Sultan’s daily necessities and perform Javanese traditional ceremonies, inside and outside Kraton. Abdi dalems are organized based on functional services, where they inherited such title of service prior to Sultan’s official entitling.
Abdi Dalem aren’t just employees at Keraton Palace, they’ve become part of  Keraton Itself. Without them, the palace activity will not run. Similarly the kingdom without a sultan who ruled a Kasultanan the life of a kingdom will not run. However,  a king has a duty to complete the problems that occurred in the life of the palace servant in the palace environment. Therefore, this research seeks to learn about life in the palace servant Kasultanan Yogyakarta and what the problems faced along with the development of the era of globalization and modernization.

Perhaps people aren’t  so concerned about Abdi Dalem, but we think abdi dalem is an interesting topic to explore. We hope due to our exploration about abdi dalem, people will be more noticed about this noble soldier. Those who enroll to sign up find that this profession is considered very respectable. They are people that are trusted to hold Jogja in the middle of the modern era. They guard the javanese culture and tradition and are willing their attitudes being controlled by the Sultan.
Up to now, more than two thousand Abdi Dalem in Keraton Yogjakarta remain loyal to the profession. Given their sincere dedication to the Sultan and the palace.

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